Monday, March 14, 2011

People in Big Cities Buy Up Food Products

I heard that people in big cities like  Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa are rushing to the stores to buy up food products. Please refrain from doing such things. Those cities are closer to the western distribution channel which is not affected by the disaster and have access to it. PLEASE!

No prospect for lifeline recovery, no food

Please re-tweet this. There's no prospect for recovery of lifelines in coastal area in Ibaragi Prefecture, Kamisu City, and Kashima City. Gasoline was exhausted as well. No food supply has arrived yet. Please help.

Missing relatives were safe

I found all of my missing relatives were safe. Their neighbors, many of them seniors and living alone, helped the relatives. Phone service is recovered now where my father is and he called today. No track could go through and gasoline is scarce, he said. I wonder how long the current reserve could last. Yet, we have electricity since morning and we can cook rice.