Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fearing radiation, drivers turn around and leave the area starved

Much more supplies and fuel is needed in Fukushima prefecture.  Drivers with supplies turn around before arriving at shelters especially on Hama street because they are afraid of being exposed to radiation.  The government needs to take some measures to deal with the situation.  Everybody will die of hunger and cold if the situation remains the same.

A whiteboard: an essential means of communication for people with hearing impairments

Please focus your attention on people with disabilities in the affected areas as well.  How could people with hearing impairments get information? They could not ask the person next to them unless he knows how to communicate in sign language. A whiteboard should be provided in addition to relief supplies.  I hope they can express what they want to say.

People who had fled radiation-affected areas turned away at shelters

A friend of mine who’s at a shelter contacted me saying that the shelters are denying people from Namie-machi (Fukushima Pref.) who had managed to flee the affected area on the grounds that they had been irradiated. My friend is begging for help in tears. Without a place to stay, he says he would rather go back home in the affected area and die.  Unbelievable!

Train announcement in Tokyo

I was on a Toyoko Line (connecting Yokohama and Tokyo) and there was an announcement by a train conductor (which is very rare) : "We will soon arrive at Yokohama. Everybody, otsukaresama deshita (good work for the today).  If each one of us's small effort comes together, it will add up to a big one. Let's be strong and work together tomorrow. Please go home safe." The atmosphere inside the train got softened and warm.

Babies starved to death in Ibaraki Prefecture

Babies have been starved to death in Takahagi City and Kita Ibaraki City of Ibaraki Prefecture. They could have been saved if relief supplies were available. The areas have been left out of media coverage, since the government does not recognize them as disaster-stricken areas. Kita Ibaraki City, Oarai-machi, and Kashima City are tsunami-affected areas.  Please help them.

Keeping the economy going is helping in a true sense

Restaurant industry in Tokyo is badly damaged because people restrain themselves from dining out. The industry is having a very tough time. Some restaurants' sales has dropped by as much as 90%. If the secondary disaster in Tokyo leads to economic depression, it will be very difficult for us to help and support those affected by the earthquake and Tsunami whom we want to save most. Keeping the economy going is helping in a true sense. Restaurants are the place where people smile!

To TV reporters: We need more news that give us hope

To TV reporters who cover this event: I heard that increased number of suicide attempt is reported. Please refrain from coverage that appeals to  sadness and strong emotions. Instead, please deliver news that give us hope. What happened cannot be reversed. But don't deprive lives of those who survived. 

Four people share a rice ball, the only food they could get for a day

Food and goods shortage is getting a serious issue at Watari Elementary School in Miyagi. Four people share a rice ball and that is the only food they could get for a day. No water. About 600 refugees are here. Let others know about this. Please!

Don't discriminate against Fukushima! They supplied electricity to Kanto region!

Please do not discriminate against people in Fukushima. They are at great risk. Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant has supplied electricity to Kanto region (where Tokyo is located) and people there are struggling to stay on their feet in this dire situation. PLEASE, do what you can do to help, whether its donating goods, sending cheers, or simply re-tweeting.

Contact from my wife: "Want to wash my hands with soap"

Got a contact from my wife in Aoba District in Sendai. Water is not available. No gas, of course. What she wants to do most now is to wash her hands with soap, she said. She uses 
antiseptic gel instead, skimping
Our daughter's smile helps her. I just pray for recovery.

Shirakawa, the major city in the Tohoku region, left behind without relief supplies

Shirakawa City of Fukushima Prefecture is the gateway to the Tohoku region. TV news hasn’t covered the area, despite the fact that Shirakawa, one of the major cities in the Tohoku region, sits on Route 4 and the Shinkansen (bullet trains) and a highway run through it.  The people in Shirakawa have run out of daily necessities, like foods, gasoline, and diapers. Please retweet this message until it gets to the government.  Please help them.

Infants facing a life and death crisis

The infants in Iwaki City and Shirakawa City (Fukushima Pref.) are starved. The people in the areas have been left behind by media coverage and haven't received any relief goods. They are desperate for diapers, milk, water, foods, sanitary napkins, futon and clothes. I’m in Kuji City (Fukushima Pref.) which was also affected by the disaster, but I want those infants to be saved as soon as possible. They are facing a life and death crisis. This is an emergency.  Please let people know about this.