Friday, March 18, 2011

A Japanese Actor's Message (part 1):Think and Imagine the Truth Behind the Scenes

Following is the translation of the text from Tatsumi Takuro, Japanese actor's blog (


"It is hell, Tatsumi-san, " said a friend who called me from Ishinomaki, Miyagi. 

He called me to inform me of his safety. I was once in a TV program. The show's focus was to help the North East region revitalize itself. So I've had lots of friends in the region and many of them are affected by the earthquake and Tsunami this time. I was concerned about them but there is nothing much I could do and time just passed by. I could not even feel like blogging then. But I realized I could not stay like that. I came to senses when I heard his words.

"Please tell the truth to as many people as possible. Bodies are all over the place. Even if they are at the shelter, there is no food and children are dying of starvation. Please, Tatsumi-san!!"

I am in entertainment business. I know there's a flip side to TV industry, both good and bad. One day, my work was canceled and I was watching TV whole day. As I thought, what I saw was only scary images and scenes of touching moment. 

Even if you are cool-headed in seeing things and reality, that cannot make a good show or runs counter to the broadcasting code. In the first place, it is fair to speculate that what the audience can see is the image of relatively safe places to which shooting crew has access.  However, you can guess and imagine the truth behind the scenes, gathering various information through other sources. We should fully exercise our imagination and think well what we can and should do. 

Shortly, publishing companies will issue magazines featuring the disaster and expose much grimmer images than what TV has shown. But things have just started, because we have no idea how big the scale of devastation. There is a long way to recovery way ahead of us. We have to think long-term support for those affected.

I wonder where this country is heading....It looks the courage and decency is tested.
To all the people who lost their lives in the earthquake and Tsunami in Tohoku region, I heartily express my deepest condolence. 

Leprosy patients, many of them old, left out of fuel, ignored by media

There is a national sanatorium for leprosy patients in Tome City, Miyagi. They are all elderly patients and are running out of fuel. But they haven’t been covered at all by media because it is considered taboo to report on this issue. So please spread this tweet to save them ASAP! 

Evacuation site is crammed and some are left stranded

My friend’s SNS message: people are left stranded near 4-28-17, Yamagishi, Morioka-city, Iwate prefecture; the evacuation center is already crammed and they could not get in. He is in a state of panic. I could not get details of the situation and  barely got the address above and learned that two elderly were debilitated and in danger of death from the cold. This is urgent, please spread the word.

70 families are found for the first time in a week!!

Good news! 70 families are found for the first time in a week!!
"70 families marooned at Kojika peninsula, Miyagi prefecture are  found "

Drop supplies from the sky!!

From disaster site…Please SPREAD. I live in Tagajo-city, Miyagi prefecture. No aid has come yet. No enough food at this temporary shelter. We've only water supply. Terribly cold and we are narrowly surviving. Drop supplies from the sky, please! Fuels, also. 

What is the government and prefecture are doing?

Only one banana was distributed each for lunch at Ishimaki High School, an evacuated site today. There are many isolated locations where people cannot flee to evacuated sites. Sleep in the open.  Second floor of my house barely remains but there is no food. What are the government and prefecture doing???

With 180 patients, a hospital is out of supplies

The 180 patients at Aozora Kai Ohmachi Hospital (Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture) are out of supplies. Medicines are running out. 17 remaining hospital staff stretched beyond capacity. Urgent assistance needed!

Isolated towns and villages remain in critical condition

Some news reports say evacuation centers have enough supplies, but with no centers nearby, lots of people huddle in their homes with no water, no electricity, no gas, and no cellphone coverage. As evacuation centers receive the bulk of relief, small cities, towns and villages remain in desperate straits. Please help us.

26,000 lives saved so far, 16,000 still awaiting assistance

16,000 Remain Stranded (March 18, 5:30 PM): It’s been one week since the earthquake. Some 26,000 people have been saved. Conversely, some 16,000 remain stranded awaiting assistance. (Per NHK:

Volunteers needed, we would serve 200 hot soup

Fukushima High School: An Urgent Request for Relief.  Evacuation center is completely out of vegetables and sources or protein (meat/fish). We need things like hot soup. Anyone who can help serve 200 meals a day, please call Fukushima High School 535-2391.

Overzealous sense of self-restraint will further dampen the economy

Those attempting to aid the victims of this disaster are growing weary. The situation is bleak. Many are stranded alone throughout the region. However, an overzealous sense of self-restraint will further dampen the economy and have a negative impact on recovery efforts. Those who are able should enjoy life to the fullest. Many positive things are born from smiling faces.

600 victims of the quake completely out of water and gas

HELP! (Please Spread the Word) The food shortage at Watari Elementary School in Miyagi Prefecture is critical. Four people share a single rice ball each day. That is all the food we have. We are completely out of water and gas. 600 victims of the quake and tsunami are seeking refuge here. Please spread word of our dire situation:

Osaka mayor to Kamaishi:"Our firefighter team will continue our help with other cities"

The Kamaishi-city mayor strongly asked the fire-fighting team from Osaka to continue their job even without the emergency request from Japanese government. The Osaka city mayor instantly accepted and said "We will continue our operation with the cooperation of fire-fighting team from other cities."

Scarce food rations for evacuees: No relief goods delivery in sight for others trapped in isolated areas

A banana was the only food rationed today to each evacuee at Ishimaki High School, a makeshift shelter in Miyagi Prefecture. And there are still many other people trapped in isolated areas with no evacuation and relief goods delivery in sight.

My grandma and uncle trapped in an isolated area

My grandma and uncle living in Baba, Haramachi, Minamisoma City, haven’t been able to evacuate. Their place is so remote that no other people live nearby; they can get neither aid material nor petrol, and are in great need of evacuation. They will die if no action is taken. Please help them! Please spread this request!

Isolated towns are neglected and no aid received

Please HELP! People in Furukawa (Wakuya-cho), Miyagi Prefecture, haven’t received any aid material at all. Actions tend to be quickly taken for the central area of Miyagi such as Sendai City, while the other isolated areas kept neglected. Please take immediate action for them!

Looking for a 5-year-old boy in Shizugawa who evacuated alone

My sister is looking for a 5-year-old boy. He may have evacuated alone to Shizugawa Elementary School or to Shizugawa Nursery in Minamisanriku. His name is Shohei Watanabe. My sister is safe abroad. Please provide information regarding him.

Elderly and children stranded in a poorly-equipped shelter in Kesennuma

Urgent! A request from my friend! About 120 people have evacuated to a site in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, which is not a proper evacuation center and are stranded! Many elderly people and children included! HELP us please!