Monday, March 21, 2011

Less then 10 staffs are taking care of 100 patients at an isolated hospital

In Minamisouma City, some elderly people are left behind and isolated, even in hospitals. The situation is the same to a big hospital. Less than 10 people are taking care of as many as 100 patients!

Please do not isolate children with disability, talk to them!

Also in the aftermath of the Kobe earthquake, they (developmentally disabled children) were isolated. It is not easy to let the others know about their visual/audio disabilities. I am sure their parents are having a hard time, too. Please remember to talk to them from time to time.

Nuclear accident, a man-made disaster!

The earthquake and tsunami inflicted enormous damage on Fukushima Prefecture but the damage caused by the nuclear accident in Fukushima is more serious. I’ll say it as many times as I have to. A nuclear accident is a man-made disaster. The government must take it upon itself to bring foods, heating oil, and drugs to Hamadori, Fukushima Prefecture, as soon as possible. We are the victims in every way!  Is the government leaving us to die?  Bullshit!


I’m having horrific dreams of earthquakes. I’m awakened horrified by an earthquake in my dreams over and over.  In my dreams, I feel the earth shake in every situation, in every place. And they are unstoppable.

It is the responsibility of those not affected:not to forget the pain of those hit by earthquakes

I will make every effort not to be influenced by harmful rumors and not to let the memory of the disaster fade away. Fund-raising activities are actively promoted on the streets, but I wonder how many people will be doing this a year from now. It is the duty of the people, like me, not affected by the disaster to recognize that there is no end to the pain of those afflicted by the disaster even after everything goes back to normal.

Thank you Mr. Horie for your support, I want to be like you

Thank you for going to my hometown where I grew up for support!!  Now I am helpless but I’d like to be a person like Mr. Horie. He would just go and offer help if anybody anywhere in Japan was crying for help.

Mental care is critical at shelter and in reducing stress and risk of sudden death

Mental care is effective in preventing acute cardiac insufficiency and sudden death.  Try to reduce your stress as much as possible by chatting and exchanging information with people around you at shelters.  It’s essential to maintain the spirit of mutual help. Make sure nobody is isolated.

Coastal Ibaraki, terribly hit, yet not covered my media, no supplies came

My husband now is checking out the situation in Ibaraki He says the coastal side of Kamisu has been terribly hit, and its land got liquefied. But media hasn't covered it, and there are no supplies. Still, people there are striving to live!!!! PLEASE GO HELP THEM!!!!