Sunday, March 20, 2011

Something good coming out of this disaster: more self-reliant citizens

The unprecedented scale of earthquake and tsunami struck Japan during the administration of Prime Minister Kan which had already lost public confidence.  The upside is that Japanese citizens have come to think and act without relying on the government, which makes me wonder if something good can come out of something bad. 

It is younger generation's turn to come together for the good of this nation

It is very painful to think that those who took great pains to live through the world war and help rebuild the war-ravaged nation and economy are forced to experience hardships again for the rest of their lives.  From now on, the younger generation will assume the responsibilities to help rebuild our nation.  It is our turn to come together for the good of this nation.

The survivors have homes but no food or heating oil

The people whose homes survived the quake and tsunami have no food or heating oil.  The media covers only the present conditions of evacuation centers, but don't forget the fact that the survivors in private households are striving to live without relief goods.