Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Media frenzy does not help anyone in this present crisis!

The TV stations in Tokyo are terrible.  They do not seem to care about anything but ratings even in this present crisis, which feeds media frenzy.  Why don’t they cooperate with each other and divide their responsibility among each other, for instance, Company A covers public administration, Company B the information of the affected areas, and Company C the information of assistance availability, and so forth.  I believe sharing roles would enable them to provide us with comprehensive information.

Sick and tired of news reports which do not pass on the information we really need!

We don’t want any documentaries which are worthless piece of shit!  All we need now is the information of the evacuees, evacuation shelters, soup kitchens, confirmation of death and such.  Anybody who agrees with this, RT this message.  Let’s voice it to make it happen!

I only got 10 litre of gas after two hours of waiting

No gas! Somebody please help….I cannot believe that what I got after two hours of waiting in line was only 10 litre (2.64 gallon). I need to drive a car for work, so it is a nightmare. People who do not necessarily drive, please refrain from filling the gas tank. If it is empty, I understand. But why do people need to come and fill up when still gas is left enough? Don’t waste! Be frugal!

Concerned about my doctor who have taken care of my asthma

My name is Tsuchiya and I live in Fukushima City. I have asthma and I have received care at Satoh Internal Medicine Clinic and they have taken good care of me. I wonder if its director and staffs are all safe. I hope they all took shelter somewhere safe. If you know anything about them, please let me know.

My family, relatives, newborns....we will all die if current condition continues

If no goods supply comes, no gas is delivered, and no water is available any longer, I, my damily and relatives, friends, neighbors, and newborns will all die. Please, come to Iwaki City to help. Don’t listen to rumors.

Want to help mother in Iwaki, but not enough gas to return with her to Tokyo

My boss’s mother is living in Iwaki. Her foot and lower back ache and moving around is not easy for her. My boss wants to go there to help her, but even if he has enough gas to get there, no gas is available for the returning trip. Those who do not need gas immediately, please do not fill up.

No Tsunami damage and ignored by government and media

Several friends of mine in Funaoka, Shibata Machi, where Sendai University is located, sent me SOS. Water in water truck is used up. No gas, no food. Director of Sennan Chuo Hospital is sending an SOS. Since the area was not hit by Tsunami, perectural government and media have ignored the town. It is possible that people die from starvation and cold in a few days. Please help my town. 

Many people save others at the cost of their lives--I'd play my own part

The Self-Defense Forces, fire brigades, and many others are working so hard day in, day out. They save other people’s lives at the cost of theirs. Those in not affected area, please help each other and think what you can do, such as donations and power savings. I try to save electricity turning off everything but TV, even when electricity ration is not on.

Please give donations, rather than thousand paper origami cranes

As a person who survived in Kobe when the great earthquake hit the area, I say this: unfortunately, thousand paper origami cranes were just trash. Instead of folding origami cranes, please make donations. Origami cranes are originally for the sick. We, those affected by disaster would not want pity. What we wanted was help. If you want to fold origami cranes, that should be after everything was settled, for those who lost their lives.

Lives saved could perish due to hunger in cold

We are short of water, food, clothes, formula, diapers and medicine in Onagawa.  We are in desperate need of kerosene and gasoline.  It’s not easy to just warm ourselves up.  We are in need of supplies.  Even survivors in isolated areas and evacuation centers could die of hunger.  Lives saved could perish.

Media coverage should respect the humanitarian aspects

Media helicopters, you too should deliver relief supplies to the refugees when you fly over to the isolated areas. Have you ever imagined how hopeless the refugees sending a distress signal on the rooftop of the abandoned buildings feel only to find the media helicopters buzz overhead with no help given to them? And there are many affected areas which have not been shown on TV. The media coverage which only passes on the information to TV viewers would not do them much good during the height of the crisis. We want you to respect the humanitarian aspects.

Lavish with help

I wouldn't be able to lessen other people’s pain, but I would be lavish with help when they need help.

Show the reality!!

Don't show only the places deemed safe and well-served on TV!!  You all need to see the reality!!  The people in Soma City (Fukushima Pref,) are being exposed to radioactivity while recovering the bodies of the Tsunami victims!!   Those people must be receiving much more radiation, which is above safe limits reported on TV!!  I’m just a teenager who cannot do much about this dire situation.  So please, someone help us!!

My country, My pride

I feel sad when I hear voices hinting our historical controversy at this difficult time. And I find it very hard to deal with them as a Japanese citizen living abroad. But my concern like this is nothing compared to what the people in Japan are going though! And now people around the world praise Japan for its endurance and resiliency to cope with the tragedy. We do not turn our back on our people in need. I’m proud to say Japan is such a great country where we all are willing to help each other.

Food shortage at a makeshift shelter in Rikuzentakata

There has been no relief supplies delivered to the evacuees battling for survival at the Matsuyama Community Center in Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Pref. Please send us food supplies immediately.

Minamisoma faces supply shortages

No one wants to deliver relief goods to Minamisoma City (Fukushima Pref.) in fear of a radiation leak from the power plants and no news media even covers this fact.  The mayor manages to move evacuees from one shelter to another by bus for the time being. We feel the Japanese government is abandoning us to our fate. We are desperate for relief goods.

Current condition of Fukushima: food shortage, death from cold....

I spoke with my mother in Fukushima. Food shortage, deaths from cold, depression, suicide, isolation of family with kids with autism...These stories make me cover my ears, but this is the reality of current Fukushima.

Pay attention to the seniors at shelter: danger of dehydration

Pay attention to the seniors at the shelter: Under the low temperature, seniors tend to avoid water intake to frequent less to the bathroom, thinking that they need to walk among crowd and wait in long line. But dehydration is extremely dangerous. Please pay attention to them.

If out of formula, make sugar water for your baby to substitute

When you are out of formula for your baby, most important is to keep them hydrated. Secondly, they need sugar. If you do not have formula, make 5% sugar water and give a baby with spoon, cup, or bottle. (by Dr. Hiroshige Ishii, Director of Ishii Daiichi OBGY Clinic)

People will starve to death in Iwaki--no food, no water supply comes

People in Iwaki City (Fkushima Prefecture) will starve to death. After an order was made to stay inside to avoid radiation contamination, no food arrives, no water supply. Media did not cover this situation. Without gas, people cannot evacuate, either.

Cannot evacuate without gas, children are at risk

We are within 40 kilometers of Fukushima nuclear power plant. It is raining now and I think we are contaminated. A tank truck that came to provide gas pulled back due to radiation alert. Since we have no gas, we cannot evacuate and children are at greater risk. Please help us let children leave here at least.