Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No gas, cannot leave even if ordered to evacuate

We do not have gas and we are close to the nuclear power plant. Even if the evacuation area is expanded, we would not be able to leave here. Please supply the gas to people in Hama Dohri in Fukushima Prefecture.

Volunteers, please do not come to Miyagi now

Volunteers, please do not come to Miyagi. I understand you want to offer help. But it will lead to traffic congestion and distract aid delivery. I seriously ask you, please do not come. Do whatever you can do where you are.

The role of those who lead normal living now

A friend of mine in Fukuoka (located in the south, not affected by the disaster) said she feels guilty living normally. But that is wrong. Those who are well and safe, please stay well. Otherwise the whole society will become unhealthy and ailing. Let's turn the sympathy into the energy to do something to help and support those who need it. Those who lead normal life have its own role in this situation.

Over 25,000 saved so far. Thanks!

Number of lives saved by the Japanese self-defence forces, police, fire crew, Coastal Guard, and the U.S. troops has totaled over 25,000. Thank you so much!!

My hometown is devastated

Minami Souma City, Fukushima Prefecture, is my hometown. But now, the city is devastated by the earthquake and tsunami. Besides, we are ordered to stay inside the building to avoid exposure to radiation from the nuclear power plant. No supply of goods has arrived. Gasoline is no longer available. Hospitals cannot properly operate anymore. Please don not abandon us!

Woman with visual disability seeking for her brother

Etsuko Takahashi has visual disability and she's searching for her brother, Hideo Takahashi, who is living in Motoyama in Miyagi Prefecture. If you know anything about his whereabouts and his safety, please let me know. Even a small clue is appreciated.

Tweet from those buried under the rubble

Please re-tweet this: SOS tweets by those trapped under the rubble are pouring in. Their tweet is asking for help. The government should have somebody monitor Twitter so they could respond to these SOS postings by the disaster victims and connect the message with the rescue operations.