Friday, March 25, 2011

Before restoring the town, please find those missing first

(By Mr. Jinei Abe and Ms. Satomi Abe, evacuees at the Matsuhama Elemantary School in Shichigahama, Miyagi)
Right after the earthquake, I got on my fishing boat offshore and I was thinking that if the boat was damaged, I would be out of business.  Then a tremendous wave as high as 10 meters came one after another, six or seven in total.  I spent two nights offshore.  My wife and my mother run to an evacuation center located on a hill but a wave came and my wife tried hard to hold on to my mom which left her with broken bones.  The wave separated them and swept my mother away. She was found dead in an hour.  It’s important to make efforts to restore the town but I wish that they strive to find all missing persons first.  Restoration work can be done after that.    
(summary of interview by NHK, March 22, 2011, "What Evacuees Want to Tell You Now"

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