Friday, April 1, 2011

Filipino careworker candidates refuse to leave and remain with elderlies at a nursing home in Fukushima

After the breakout of nuclear crisis, exodus of foreigners from Japan has continued. But four Filipino careworker candidates at Komine-en, a nursing home in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture, refused to leave and continue working saying "I cannot abandon these seniors and leave."

One of them, Ms. Aquino, said that her family back home call her everyday and cry out "Come back to Philippine!" But she is determined to remain there as long as the elderlies are there. "Grandmas gave us chocolates, notebooks for our Japanese study. They've been so nice to us. I am afraid of earthquake and nuclear plant, but I cannot just go and leave them." Their dedication to care elderlies is impressive and elderlies of the facility liked them. They came to Japan under the Economic Partnership Agreement program. The biggest hurdle for them to remain in Japan is the language. To stay and continue to work in Japan, they need to pass the national testing for nurse care worker. But learning Chinese letters is very tough for them and they are too busy to study. Those Filipinos who came to Japan under EPA will start taking the exam next year. In February this year, there was an exam for clinical nurse. But only one out of 113 Filipino candidates passed the test.

Summary of article by Kyodo News, March 28, 2011

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