Friday, April 8, 2011

Built a hutch in two days to show my back bone as a father

(by Mr. Masao Suzuki – Iwanuma City, Miyagi Pref.)
There was our dream house that we built on December 9, 2009 at this place. I was living with my wife and my son’s family with two children (Five-year-old girl and Three-year-old boy). I pushed myself to build this house so that we all six could live together, which had been my strong desire for a long time; but it was gone in one day. I know that we cannot avoid any natural disaster, but I am so distressed and sad that my son’s family moved to Sendai City and we are separated again.
I built this hutch in two days. When I was staying at the evacuation center, I just kept thinking about the dark side, so I decided to build it thinking that it might help me forget the trouble. I hope I could show my backbone as a father.
(Picture taken by Mr. Shihou Tsutabayashi )

Daily Sports Newspaper, "Photo Gallery," April 7, 2011

Translated by Maikiko Tajima Asano

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