Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hometown I long to go back

(by Ms. Mitsu Shiotani (67), Minami Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture, at Joetsu City)

A chorus group came to visit us and we sang “Furusato(Hometown)” and “New Soma Song” together. It was hard for me to be honest, because it reminded me of the hometown where I grew up and lived all my life. I do not have much complaint about the life at the evacuation center, but still there are things that we need to be patient with when living in a group setting. It is pitiful to watch many children trying to control themselves as they understand the situation though they are at the stage of being very active and high spirited and usually horsing around. I don’t know how much longer we must stay here. I really would like to go home.

Niigata Nippo, Voices of the evacuees in Niigata Prefecture ~ Victims of Great East Japan Earthquake Who Evacuated to Niigata Prefecture

Translated by Makiko Tajima Asano

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