Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Concerned about kid's health, we decided to leave here

(by Ms. Kumi Yamane, Kazuma, and Momoka at Kuwagasaki Elementary School, Miyako, Iwate Prefecture)
Kumi: We decided to leave this town. My 4 year-old son's health is my concern. I don't want him 
to be stressed any more. He started wetting his bed. He looks fine usually. But I guess he's 
stressed thinking of his bed-wetting.  

Momoka: Dear my class mates, I am moving to grandpa and grandma's. I'll try my best at my new school there. 

Kazuma, Ms. Kumi Yamane, and Momoka

From NHK website "Those Affected by the Disaster: What I want to tell you now" on April 5, 2011
Translated by Kaoru Ono

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